Ideally the “public flow” will be out of doors by means of travel — as the bonobos also travel, to different “creative spaces” – which will include buildings for some activities. The center will not be open everyday to such activities, but more like one or two days a week.

This “move” will be “eye opening” for the public. They will see the bonobos in a one on one setting much as we see them. They will realize their intelligence and there will come a feeling that intelligence is flowing both ways across the physical boundaries that are separating the species. We will be including boarder collies in the bonobos world and these dogs will be able to cross the boundary of separation and go into the human world. When humans see that bonobos interact with the dogs just as they do — it will change the human perception of ‘bonobos as dangerous.’

Our goal is build the facility into a unique place for the study of human/animal relationships and thereby to build a new kind of human/animal ethic for Planet Earth. It as been a planet dominated by human beings — ones who have believed that they are “in charge” and that animals are not able to do things by “intent” – only by “instinct”.

This sanctuary will fundamentally alter that perception. By having artists live in this world where the human/animal relationship is redefined, we will begin to build a new kind of ethic. The building of such an ‘ethic’ requires more than knowledge and more than planning, it require co-habitation, for from co-habitation grows inter-species acculturation.