• Teco-Kanzi-Necklace

at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary

The crossroads of nature, built environment, and scientific study into origins of language and culture, the intersection of interdisciplinary paths will inspire new works of art by emerging and accomplished artists. Sculptors, painters, musicians, and writers will find fertile seeds for new creation in this unique and unexpected environment.

“Our mission is to provide a home of dignity and respect for these bonobos and their offspring, to continue the world renowned cross-species, cross-cultural research across future generations and to expand the language work to include other nonhuman species. It is also to provide educational opportunities to the public to visit and to learn about this research on a first-hand basis though personal interaction.”
–Resident Scientist Dr. Sue Savage Rumbaugh, named one of 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine, 2011

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